Roaring '20s Party

Roaring Twenties Party
A 1920s party should have a  ‘20s ambiance with a ‘20s Jazz mix CD playing softly, ‘20s decor (i.e. ‘20s silent movie posters, etc.), and ‘20s movies without the audio (i.e. The Great Gatsby, etc.) if there is a television in the party room.

The twenties included prohibition where alcohol was illegal to possess and consume.  A 
speakeasy was a bar or nightclub where you could go to get a drink of low quality alcohol 
brought by the bootleggers.  The Great Gatsby was a very popular novel 
published by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925.

Roaring Twenties Themes

The colors should be black, white and gray.  You can have the setting in a Speakeasy, an illegal gaming room, a gangster's home (i.e. Al Capone), a silent movie premiere, or maybe even a Jazz Club!

If you choose a speakeasy theme, give your guests a 'password' on the invite and have 
someone greet them at the door and ask for the password before they can enter.  If you have the time and money, drape red (velvet) fabric on the walls and change a lamp 
or two to a soft red light.  

Costumes for girls should include long pearl necklaces with feathered headbands or cloche hats.  Hair should be short (wig it) and finger waved or pin curls.  A flapper dress with 1920's style Mary Jane pumps and a feather boa is perfect!

Costumes for the boys include zoot suits, fedoras and wing tip shoes.  And  you can go 'gangster' and include a fake Tommy gun as an optional prop.

For more information about how to host a 1920's party, check out the My Mystery Party Blog:


1920'S SLANG 
* Absolutely: Yes
* All Wet: Bad Idea or Individual
* And How: I Agree
* Applesauce: Expletive
* Babe / Baby: Sweetheart
* Bangtails: Racing horses
* Beat One's Gums: Talk About Nothing
* Be on the nut: Out of Money
* Bean-shooter: gun
* Beef: having an issue
* Bee's Knees:  you are the best
* Behind the Eight Ball: in a difficult spot
* Bent Cars:  Stolen vehicles
* Big One /  Big Sleep:  Death
* Bit: Jail Term
* Blow One Down: murder someone
* Bo: Pal, friend
* Boob:  Dumb Person
* Boozehound: Drunkard
* Bop: Murder Someone
* Broad: a Lady
* Bruno: A Rough and Tough Man
* Bum Rush: To be Thrown Out
* Bump Guns: To waste time talking about 
* Bump Off: Murder Someone
* Button Man: Assassin
* Butt Me: Give me a Cigarette
* Butts: Cigarettes
* Buzzer: Cop's Badge
* C: One Hundred Dollar Bill
* Cabbage: Cash
* Can: Prison
* Can-Opener: Someone who opens / cracks a 
* Cat: Man
* Cat's Meow: Something Really Fashionable / 
* Cat's Pajamas: You are Super Awesome
* Cheaters: Shades
* Chew: Eat
* Chicago Lightening: Gun Fire
* Chicago Overcoat:Coffin
* Clam: A Dollar
* Clammed: Doesn't Speak
* Clubhouse: Police Station
* Cooler: Prison / Jail
* Copper: Police
* Croak: To Murder Someone
* Cut Down: Murdered
* Daddy: A Young Girl's Lover
* Dame: Woman
* Dance: To be Hanged
* Dingus: Thing
* Dish: Pretty Lady
* Dive: a Cheap, Dirty Place
* Doll:  a Pretty Lady
* Drum:Speakeasy
* Dry Up: Get Lost
* Duck Soup: Easy, Piece of Cake
* Finger: Identify
* Fire Extinguisher: Chaperone
* Flat Tire: A Dull Person
* Fry: To be Electrocuted
* Gasper: Cigarette
* Gat: Gun
* Get Sore: Get Angry
* Getaway Sticks: Legs
* Giggle Water: Liquor
* Glad Rags: Fancy Clothing
* Grifter: Con Artist
* Gumshoe: Detective
* Harlem Sunset: Fatal Injury by Knife
* Hatchet Men: Assasins
* Have the Bees: To be Wealthy
* Heater: Gun
* High-Hat: To Snub, be Snotty
* High Pillow: Boss
* Hinky: Suspicious
* Hoofer: Dancer
* Horsefeathers: Expletive
* Ice: Diamonds
* Juice Joint:Speakeasy
* Joint: Place
* Kiss: Punch
* Kisser: Mouth
* Knock Off: To Murder
* Lammed Off: Escaped
* Lead: Bullets
* Looker: Pretty Lady
* Made: Recognized
* Mark: Victim of a Swindle
* Moll: A  Gangster's Girl
* Newsie: News Reporter
* Oyster Fruit: Pearl Necklace
* Paw: Hand
* Peepers: Eyes
* Pinch: Arrest, Capture
* Rags: Clothes
* Razz: Make Fun Of
* Sap: Dumb Person
* Scratch: Cash
* Sheba/ Shiek: A woman/man with sex appeal
* Slug: Bullet
* Speakeasy: illegal bar that serves bootlegged 
* Spill: Talk, i.e. spill the beans
* Square: Honest
* Swell: Cool
* Torpedo: Hired Gun
* Weak Sister: A Push Over
* You Slay Me: You're Hilarious