Smashing '60s Party

Smashin' 60's Party
Create a '60s ambiance to host a 1960's party with a '60s mix CD playing softly, '60s decor (i.e. '60s movie posters, etc.), and '60s movies without the audio (i.e. Bonnie and Clyde, The Graduate, Doctor Zhivago, etc.) if there is a television in the party room.  

60's Attire
The 1960s featured a variety of ultra-chic couture with non-matching psychedelic prints and bright colors .  This was a decade to stop traditional norms of fashion.  

Boxed shaped PVC dresses with go-go boots were in style and then the bikini surfaced after the movie Beach Party hit the big screen. 

The mini skirt surfaced and then Jackie Onassis made the french manicure and falsies on the lashes a hit.  

The pillbox hat with dark, glittery eyeshadows were also among popular choices.

60's Music
In the beginning there was doo-wop to saxophone melodies but the '60s were ever-changing in the music arena.  Motown hit the scene followed by the British Invasion.  
Here are some artists that were all the rave in the 1960's:

Elvis Presley         
Simon and Garfunkel    
Jimi Hindrix
The Miracles         
The Beach Boys           
The Moody Blues
Joan Baez                
Nancy Sinatra             
Rolling Stones      
The Seekers                 
The Byrds  
The Four Seasons  
Jefferson Airplane       
Led Zepplin
The Beatles             
Velvet Underground     
The Yardbirds
Sherman Brothers   
The Doors          
Johnny Cash
The Supremes                      
The Who

1960s Slang Terms

* ape - hysterical, crazy
* a gas - tons of fun
* bad - awesome
* bag - to steal
* beat feet - leave quickly
* book - leave quickly
* cat - a guy
* chick - a girl
* Chinese Firedrill - stop your car at a 
red light, everyone gets out and runs 
to a different seat before light turns 
* cool - awesome
* cut out or split - to leave
* crash - to sleep
* dig -  you understand?
* dude - a geek or dork
* Fab - great
* fag - a cigarette
* Fink - tattletale
* Flake - useless person
* flower child - a hippy
* fox - good looking woman
* fuzz or pig - the police
* going steady - dating
* groovy - awesome
* gutt waddin' - cheap fast food
* hacked - angry
* hairy - out of control, cool
* haulin - going fast
* hip - cool
* right on! - amen! or I agree!
* stoned - high
* stoked - excited
* stood up - when your date does not 
show up
* stuck up - conceited
* toke - a puff of a marijuana cigarette
* take a whiz or wiz - to urinate
* the bird - to raise the middle finger
* truckin' - moving quickly
* thongs - sandals or flip-flop shoes
* wipe out - to fail spectacularly