Groovy '70s Party

Groovy Disco Party
So you're either having or going to a '70s disco party, huh?  Let's do this!
The '70s was riddled with hippie culture with hoards of youth opposing the Vietnam War, 
nuclear weapons and big business.  The environmentalist movement took off and the oil 
crisis causes by oil embargoes caused a recession.   

Technological advancements included the world's first general microprocessor, microwave 
ovens, very primitive personal computers, pocket calculators and consumer video games!
There was a rise of soft rock/pop rock music with artists such as The Carpenters, Ray Stevens, Elton John, etc.  


Groovy '70s Party Themes
In the '70s, the gatherings tended to be more informal - especially among the youngsters.  Play '70s disco music - you can access the XM Radio channel or your local satelite / cable television typically has a disco channel.  Or purchase a fun party mix. Play Saturday Night Fever on the television without the sound for a fun ambiance.   For a birthday, make a round cake with yellow icing and use piping (black) to draw a smiley face.  Decorate with lava lamps, '70s posters (Farrah, Mr. Natural,etc.), beaded curtains, black lights, incense and do NOT forget to have a disco ball!  

Murder Mystery Party Selection: 


1970s Slang Terms

* awe sooky sooky -yeah, baby
* bam - super cool
* be there or be square - attend or you'll be 
made fun of
* bogart - to hog, be selfish
* boob tube - television
* boogie - to dance
* to book, or booking - to move quickly
* bummer - not good
* buzz off - get lost
* can you dig it - do you understand
* catch my drift - get it?
* catch you on the flip side - see you later
* chick - girl
* chill - be cool, relax
* cheese weasel - annoying person
* cool cat - cool person
* cool city - awesome
* crib- house
* deadhead - Grateful Dead Fan
* decent - cute
* dig - understand
* disco - really cool
* do you copy - get it?
* dream on! -  Yeah, right
* foxy - good looking woman
* far-out - like cool or groovy
* fruit - stupid, lame
* funky - cool
* get down - to dance
* gig - job
* "Good Night, John Boy"  - see you later
* good vibes - positive energy
* groovy - awesome
* heavy - something that weighs on your mind
* jam - listen to music
* jive/jive talk - not telling the truth
* jive turkey - jerk
* "Keep on Truckin' - Keep moving on, go with 
the flow
* "May the Force be With You!" - good luck
* Neato - cool
* phoney baloney - liar, a lie
* psyche - 'not really'
* right on, awesome, good
* rock on - awesome
* sit on it - get lost
* skinny - the scoop
* slap me some skin - give me five (slap hands)
* spaz - dumb person
* square - not cool
* "the man"  -government/ police
* to the max - the best

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