Nifty Fifties Party

Nifty '50s Party

Create a 1950s ambiance with fifties music playing softly and 1950s décor.  Purchase these items and other sock hop party gear at any local party store – they usually always have a section for this theme.  Fill turquoise, pink, black and white balloons with helium and gather bunches with balloon weights and place them strategically throughout your party room. Optional: cut out circles for record albums out of cardboard and spray paint them with black paint and dip in black glitter.  Paint the center either turquoise or pink and sprinkle with the same color (i.e. pink, turquoise) glitter. Hang these from the ceiling with clear fishing wire or hang them on the wall throughout the party area.  For more DIY party hosting tips, check out our Pinterest page for this game at  

50's Attire



Nifty '50s Music
The fifties brought us rock 'n roll, doo-wop, pop, swing, rhythm and blues.  Country was born, and rockabilly helped to shape the music culture of this time. 


Fats Domino

Little Richard

Ray Charles

Big Mama Thornton

Hank Williams

Patsy Cline

Frank Sinatra

Tony Bennett

Kay Starr

Dean Martin

Doris Day

The Ames Brothers

Chuck Berry

Bo Diddley

Jerry Lee Lewis

Bill Haley and his Comets

1950s Slang Terms