Host a Fabulous Cinco de Mayo Party
Cinco de Mayo or the Fifth of May is a   day that will be celebrated all over the world each fifth of   May.
  In Mexico, people will gather with families, friends and   neighbors to have a massive fiesta in honor of Cinco de   Mayo.  
  Cinco de Mayo honors the 1862 victory of Mexico's victory over   the French - the Battle of Puebla 0- that took place on May   5th!


  Getting the Cinco de Mayo party started:  

  Design Your Festive Invites!  Use a fun, festive slogan such   as Margaritas & Fajitas or Forget the Siesta, Let's   Fiesta!  Include the Party Date, Time, Location and   RSVP deadline and contact information.  It's nice to include   a map (i.e. yahoo or google map) inside in the invitation   envelopes for your guests that 
  have not been to the party location before.
  Adorn your party area with mini cactus plants, small sombreros   filled with red hot candies, bouquets of red, white and   green flowers and toy maracas.  In any corner of the   party area, there should be helium-filled red, white and   green balloons.  

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   Need a Costume for your party? 

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