Halloween Handbook

The Official Halloween Party Host Handbook

Here are some pictures of some of the DIY items included in this ultimate party guide. 

Set up a Morgue table with toe tags to tell guests which table they will be sitting at. Also, on the cause of death, think of an outrageous way they 'died' such as stampeded by bulls, swept up by a Sharknado, etc. 

A creepy tree branch, spray painted black and draped with peat moss is a super, inexpensive table centerpiece. 

Lighting is everything - we had a votive lit for each seat.  Make sure to use unscented candles  or LED options.

Here are place cards printed on gray metallic.  We included an icon for the servers to know which option the guests picked (beef, lobster, chicken). 

These pumpkins began as cheap plastic but were painted and decorated with crystals. 

These are cheap plastic skulls (about the size of a quarter) and I glued in orange crystals for the eyes and scattered about the room.  They caught the light and looked phenomenal. 

Here is the zombie hand scroll option for inviting your guests.  If you want to make a statement and get people talking - this is a great option. 

This is the scroll parchment option for inviting (used in conjunction with the zombie hands above. We printed on parchment / card stock and burned the edges very carefully. 

Here is another way to invite your guests - make a ticket!