Party Tips

  • The Top Five Party Themes for Halloween

    Host a Murder Mystery Party 

     Murder mystery parties and Halloween night go hand-in-hand.  Our number one choice for a company to purchase murder mystery party games from  is My Mystery Party.  They have instantly downloadable games and boxed sets for all ages and group sizes. 

    Here is a helpful "How to Host" video by My Mystery Party: 

     And here is their Halloween selection of games:

    A murder mystery party is the way to go for Halloween, as you invite your guests to come in character, you have a focus for the night, and a night of mystery and intrigue fits the spooky ambiance of Halloween.

     Host a Scavenger Hunt Party 

    Scavenger hunt parties are high energy and very challenging events.  Our go-to company for Halloween scavenger hunt parties is Scavenger Planet.  They have a few themes for Halloween where your guests can either go about town or on foot in the neighborhood to find things on the list and acquire picture proofs of the tasks at hand. The group with the most successful tasks - verified by fun picture proofs - wins! 

     A Party Game Night

     Ask your guests to dress in fun Halloween costumes and arrange a list of party games to play.  Don't forget to offer fun, spirited food and give plenty of breaks.  Here are a couple of Halloween party games taken from the Party Host Handbook that sound like a ton of fun: 

    Halloween ‘Feel’ Game – Can You Stand It?

    Game goal: to guess what Halloween item is in the containers!

     Game play: using any container such as a cardboard box, decorate the outside in a fun Halloween theme so you cannot see inside.  Create a hole wide enough to get a hand inside to feel the item.  If you are using containers that you cannot cut into, purchase some felt and make a slit for a hand to get through and secure the felt with a rubber band around the rim of the container or glue to the rim of the container.  Choose 10 of the following items (or more/less) and put each of them into an individual box.  Allow the guests to one at a time put their hand in the container and before withdrawing their hand, they must make a guess as to what Halloween item is in the box.  The objective is not to guess the real item, but rather what the item simulates.  For example – the guest must say fingers or more specifically dead man's fingers when they stick their hand into the lil’ smokie sausage box.  Make sure to have plenty of baby wipes available for the guests to clean their hands.

     soft flour tortilla strips (add a few drops of oil) – witch’s skin          dried corn kernels– dead man’s teeth

    little smokie sausages – dead man’s fingers                                        pretzel sticks - petrified rat tails

    tongue shaped cured ham – dead man’s tongue                                   fake spider webbing from any party store 

    cooked large egg noodles– tape worms                                                peeled, hard-boiled eggs – baby hearts

    cooked spaghetti noodles (add a few drops of oil) - zombie veins       cornhusk silk – dead man’s hair       

    candy corn - vampire bat / vampire fangs                                            cooked rice (add a few drops of oil) – maggots

    cornflake cereal – scabs                                                                          steel wool pad (tease off pieces of it)– witch’s hair

    broken sunflower seeds or almond slices – witch’s fingernails                peeled grapes – zombie eyeballs

     Game gear: containers for the food (empty cereal boxes, etc.) random food items, baby wipes.

     Game time: ~ 10-15 minutes.

     Who Can Brew The Witches Brew?

    Game goal: to be the one to get all of the ingredients in your witch’s cauldron.

     Game play: with any word processing program, select five (or more, depending upon how many players are in the game) different items to put in your witches brew and print off pictures of these in small ~ 2” squares (i.e. fingernails, mouse tails, fingers, etc).  You will need one picture per guest of each ingredient.  Each player will have a separate ingredient on his or her back.  If you had ten players in the game, you would put ten fingernail cards on Player A’s back, ten-mouse tail cards on Player B’s back and so on until every guest has a different ingredient on their back.  For an alternative challenge, assign the same ingredient to two (or more) players.

                Make a recipe card for your witch’s brew and post it on the wall in plain view of all of the contestants.  Give each player a small plastic cauldron or a simple picture of a cauldron and scatter around the room but be sure that each guest knows where their cauldron is located.  It’s probably best to put their names on them to prevent any disputes.  Tape five (or more depending upon how many players you have in the game) copies of the same ingredient on each player’s back.  Each player represents an ingredient.  Try to have equal amounts of the ingredients available in the game play.  Each player should have a full set of ingredients per the recipe card.   When the host says go, the players view the recipe card and collect the ingredients from each other’s backs.  The first to collect all five ingredients and get the ingredients to their cauldron first makes the witches brew and wins!  The players are to defend their backs, but at the same time, they are trying to collect the ingredients – get ready for some chaotic fun!

     Game gear: ingredient squares, witches cauldrons for each guest (real plastic or pictures) and the recipe card for the brew.

     Game time~ 10 minutes. 

     A Haunted House Party

    The Haunted House party is an exciting crowd pleaser!  If your home is large enough a route can be created for your guests to travel through without breaking everything you own, why not set up a few rooms as a haunted house?  Recruit some close friends to play the roles of the various rooms in the haunted house such as an alien invasion room, a Phantom of the Opera room, a serial killer room, a Bride of Frankenstein room, etc.  When the guests arrive, have someone dressed as a grim reaper escort them through the show and into the party room.  Be sure to have someone waiting at the front to put the guests in a line in case you have a lot of guests show up at once.  The guests should go one-by-one in a home haunted house. If you allow multiple guests at once there will be more accidents as far as breaking pictures, sheetrock, etc. Remember – you live there!

                Once everybody gets into the party room, ask if anyone would like to go through again – why not?  You went to a lot of trouble to create the Haunted House!  Then, the guests can relax and have fun with party games, dancing or whatever activities you have planned for them next.


    A Halloween Camp Out

    Contact your local campground and reserve a camping site.  Nothing is spookier than being in the open nature around a campfire on Halloween night!  Tell ghost stories by the fire as you roast marshmallows!

                Adult supervision is essential and mandatory with kids around a campfire and in the great outdoors in general so have a good adult to child ratio if you have a party with minors at a campsite.